Event Application

EventApp is a new online event application management system, currently in use in several locations throughout the UK. We welcome any constructive comments and feedback from users to help us improve the system. If you want to offer any comments please e mail us on info@eventapp.org.


Before you start

You will need the following information before proceeding with an event application:

Venue Information:

  • A good knowledge of exactly where you want to hold your event, you should have checked availability of your chosen site already.

Schedule Information:

  • When you plan to start and finish your event including set up and clear up.

Event Information:

  • A good estimate of the amount of people who will come to the event, what other statutory requirements you might need, and how you intend to manage the event.

Your details:

  • Your company or organisations contact information or personal contact details if you are applying as an individual.
  • A copy of your public liability insurance policy in electronic form (PDF or JPG) though you can send this later if you have not arranged it yet.
  • Accounts department details (if there is a fee to be paid)

Once you have entered your details, EventApp will remember the data the next time you apply. If you need to update your details because some of them have changed, you can do so online.