Welcome to the Islington Event Office

Welcome to the Islington Outdoor Events Office


If you are planning an event from November 2017 onwards please email us with your proposal. If your event is suitable and the site is available we will add your event manually to the event calendar. You will then be invited to submit your application on the new system when it goes live. If your event is before November please submit your application here now.

To use EventApp you will need to register your details and create a log in.


To start your application, click on the 'Make an Application' button.

You can save as you go so no work will be lost if it takes several days to complete all sections.

There are information buttons to the right of each question which will help you complete your answer.

To enable us to assess your event ideas properly we will also need you to upload a site plan, risk assessment and event plan using the functions on the ‘Supporting Documents’ page.

The first page of the online application form is where you choose the park you want have your event in. When you select your chosen park a yellow box will appear with a brief site description. You can download a blank site pan for later use at this point.

There are risk assessment and event plan templates available for download on the list on the right hand side of this page.

What’s next

Once you have submitted your application you will receive a 'confirmation of submission' email to your inbox. If it doesn’t appear it has been automatically sent to your spam folder. Please change your settings to allow emails from eventapp.

As soon as your application is received along with your uploaded site plan, risk assessment and event plan, we can start the consultation process.

The consultation process takes at least two weeks, and you may be asked for additional information.

Additional information required 

You may be required to provide more information depending on which activities you choose to have at your event. In some cases you may need to apply for a separate licence from a different team. For example, to have music you may need to apply for Temporary Events Notice from the Licensing Team and for a bouncy castle you may need a Temporary Structure Licence. Please see the downloadable document to the right which lists all the additional information you may be required to provide, and any other licences or permissions you need to gain.